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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Prayer for the First Sunday of Advent

God of liberation
who overthrows Pharaohs
and outsmarts emperors
and outlasts Caesars
and outlives kings and dictators
and overcomes bosses
and drains the powerful of their power
in every generation,
and lifts up the lowly in every age:

we gather in the increasing cold
and the deepening darkness,
still sated with the feast of our own harvest,
still impressed with the profligacy of our own productivity,
still aglow from the warm embrace of our own family.

And we turn our hearts again
to Bethlehem.

Even as catalogs cram our mailboxes
and the urgency of sleigh-bells ring in every commercial,
and the pressure is on to buy and spend:

We turn our hearts again
to Bethlehem.

To a pair of homeless refugees
jerked around by government,
rejected by business,
unrecognized by family,

who journey on their way
to Bethlehem.

Keep us focused
on the One who emerges
out of everywhere,
who is already here
in the eyes of needy children
in the places of poverty
in the brokenness of the broken
and the loneliness of the outcast
in the sorrow of grief
and the horror of pain.

Who takes it all on himself
who swallows it all
into his purifying infinity
and transfigures it
into new and blessed life

Make our communities,
gatherings of ones who trust
in him, into fruitful beds of
blessing and healing
for the world.

May his love radiate through us
healing disease and injustice
hatred and fear
anger and hurt
by our kindness and compassion
in his Spirit.

May we serve as witnesses
to the infinite joy
and the blossoming of new life
and the spectacular radiance
of presence
of wholeness
of goodness
of blessing
of everything.

May we get busy.