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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Emerging Church Conference

Day Three

Richard Rohr came back to the podium on Saturday. The theme for this day is ministry.

The early church held the "prophets" in high esteem; but the church soon marginalized, domesticated, and eventually eliminated the office of prophet. Their role was to provide validation from the intuitive/imaginal level. It was a recognition of demonstrated abilities and gifts.

He spent a lot of time complaining about the ordination process in the Roman Catholic church, which is not that different from what goes on in Protestantism. We ordain people before they show any gifts, as if the act of ordination itself conferred spiritual gifts and authority. This puts the control in the hands of the institution, instead of the Spirit.

Suzanne Stabile identifies 4 "mantras" learned from Jonah: 1- show up; 2- pay attention, 3- tell the truth, 4- don't get attached to the results.

In authentic ministry we don't do it, we serve what God is doing.

True liminality leads to increased awareness.
True liminality leads to increased consciousness of pain.
True liminality leads to increased knowledge of ourselves and others.
True liminality leads to increased knowledge of your own shadows, and those of others.

She shared a wonderful joke by Jack Kornfield about the bedoin family going across the desert on camels, when the father turns and tells one of the children, "Stop asking if we're almost there; we nomads, for God's sake!"

I will summarize McLaren's next talk next time.

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